Love Your Outdoor Space!

When you think of your current outdoor space, what comes to mind? Is it a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment – or does it bring up thoughts of work and stress? This past year has thrown everyone a huge curveball. Vacations have been cancelled, events have been postponed – it has been a hard year. But, what if you could escape to your backyard? Your own staycation – so to speak…

At Legacy Pavers we have built a reputation in the local area for designing and creating stunning outdoor kitchens, BBQs, seating walls, fire pits, walkways, driveways and more. In this blog and in the few to come, we are going to discuss in more detail some of these features and just why they might be a good fit for you and your family.

Outdoor Kitchens

Not that this heading needs much explaining, but if you enjoy entertaining, then you will LOVE having an outdoor kitchen. Think of your own indoor kitchen, isn’t that where people gather during a party or get-together? What if you could expand that gathering area by taking it outdoors! With an outdoor kitchen the sky is literally the limit. Some outdoor kitchens are simple while some are much more elaborate. It just depends on the type of cooking and entertaining you plan to do as well as the budget you want to allocate for the project.


If you enjoy grilling, then imagine how a built in BBQ will change the everyday experience you have while grilling! Like outdoor kitchens, built in BBQ’s can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish. Many people strive to design a BBQ with a large countertop area that can double as a buffet table for larger gatherings. Others, would prefer to allocate that space for an outdoor sink (Imagine the convenience of that!).

We will cover more in future blogs, but the most important thing is that however you design your backyard, make sure you love it and it is a place where you want to spend time. We invite you to visit our website and gain inspiration for your outdoor space.

Paver Blocks

When you hear the term “Pavers” – what comes to mind? Most likely you envision a flat pathway, driveway or patio. While that is what most pavers are used for, there is also a shape of paver known as paver blocks that allow for a lot of creativity.

Paver blocks come in many of the same colors, and textures as regular pavers. The main difference is the shape. As you may have guessed by now, paver blocks come in “block” forms – essentially squares and rectangles. Paver blocks allow for the building of gorgeous retaining walls, paver bbq’s, flower beds, seating walls and fire pits. Paver blocks allow designers to add dimension to a space while still allowing for the beauty and texture of traditional pavers.

For example here is a beautiful fire pit and seating wall. You can see how beautifully the paver block compliments the pavers that were used on the patio flooring.


As with traditional pavers, paver blocks are incredibly durable and strong. Because of their strength, they are a popular choirce for retaining walls and planters. Suddenly, ugly retaining walls can be turned into objects of beauty with paver block. Here is a great example of a material that is traditionally used for retaining walls (cinder block) and how beautiful a retaining wall of paver blocks can be in comparison.



If you have been thinking about incorporating pavers or paver block into your hardscape design, we would love to chat with you. Our team of contractors and designers have years of experience, we can’t wait to discuss your project with you!

Built In BBQ

We’re guessing if you love to BBQ – that the title of this blog caught your attention. Built in paver BBQs are a gorgeous and functional way to add a focal point to your space. Now a days, people are spending so much more of their free time outside. Anytime people entertain, there is almost always food of some sort. Having a BBQ allows people to entertain their guests and prep food at the same time. Now, we should clarify that we aren’t talking about flimsy, cheap grills – we are talking about state of the art barbeque master pieces.

Outdoor-Kitchens-BBQ-IslandsSee what we mean? Now who wouldn’t want to spend a bit of time grilling on this? One of the reasons why we love building BBQ’s is because it creates a cozy gathering and conversation piece for people. We love how this bbq has an island extension that allows people to simply pull up a seat and chat – to us, that is what outdoor living is all about!

Built in bbq’s can take up as much or as little space as you desire. It’s all about matching to scale the size of your patio and yard. This is a stunning example of how the layout of a built in bbq can literally encompass a whole section of a patio while still making it seem open and inviting.

kitchen-outdoor-glorious-chrome-outdoor-built-in-bbq-grill-island-with-stacked-stone-base-outdoor-kitchen-design-and-grey-stone-paver-floor-ideas-endearing-outdoor-kitchen-with-appliances-contemporarIf you are considering adding a built in bbq to your outdoor space, we would love to speak with you. We would be more than happy to come out and give you a complimentary estimate and discuss what design ideas you might have.