Here you will find the latest specials that we are running at Legacy Pavers! Hurry up and book your consultation!


If you have pavers, then we are guessing that you have fallen in love with their rich color and gorgeous texture. But, like anything, sometimes pavers need a little sprucing up! – That’s where we come in!

For a limited time only, Legacy Pavers is offering a HUGE savings on pressure cleaning and sealing. Regular cleaning and sealing of your pavers will insure that you get to enjoy their beauty for years to come. So here’s the deal: For any space over 1,000 square feet, you will simply pay $.75 per square foot. – That includes a deep pressure cleaning, washing and resealing. Tired, dirty pavers will look like new and you will be shocked at how much this instantly changes your curb appeal. This special is only good until October 31st – so you won’t want to wait. In case you aren’t totally sold, here are a few visual examples that will demonstrate the tremendous difference that cleaning and sealing makes!

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