Keep em’ Fresh!

In many of our past blogs, we have reviewed the many benefits of pavers. If you weren’t already aware, we are simply in love with pavers for their beautiful wide variety of colors, the flexibility, and the charm that it adds to any space. While pavers are virtually maintenance free, in order to preserve their beauty, they do need a bit of TLC every now and then. This comes in the form of sealing pavers. In this blog, we are going to review the major benefits and reasons why we think you should seal your pavers.

Who doesn’t love a bit of shine?

Pavers naturally do not have any luster; they are variations of stone.  By adding a sealer, the sealer will add a protective sheen to the pavers. Now, we aren’t talking ultra-high gloss (unless you want it) we are just talking about a bit of sheen that makes the pavers look fresh and new.

It will protect the pavers from the elements…

While pavers may not succumb to things like wind, rain, and snow, the damage that your car can do to the surface can do them in. If you have no idea what we are talking about – just picture your driveway now.  Yup, the image of that oil stain is just what we are referring to.  By sealing the pavers, you will be creating an extra barrier to protect it from things like oil spillage.

No unwanted colors…

You know that chalky stuff that gets on concrete and discolors it? Well, one of the ways to prevent this nasty substance from appearing on your paver driveway is to seal it.

Keep the color…

By sealing the pavers, you will be protecting the pavers from losing their beautiful bright color. Especially if you are working with something in the red tones (we have all seen reddish pavers that are faded).

As if all that didn’t convince you – here is a pretty striking before and after!

ScreenHunter_2492 Apr. 03 14.40


Pavers as an Investment?

Did the title of this blog confuse you a bit? When we say that pavers are an investment, we don’t mean the typical kind of investment that grows your money. What we mean is that pavers are an investment in your property. Typically, when people decide they are going to sell their home, they then spend a bunch of money to fix it up. The unfortunate part is that the homeowners never get to enjoy their “fixed up” home – because then the home is sold. Pavers are the other hand are incredibly durable, and last. The value for this as a homeowner is that you can install it now, enjoy it for many years, and still get the same value out of it when you sell as if you had just installed it.

Think about it…

What sells a home? Most homeowners will tell you that they knew they were going to put an offer in on a home before they set foot inside. The reason for this? Curb appeal! Now imagine a home with gray, cracked concrete for a driveway – not very appealing is it? Now imagine that same home with a beautiful cobblestone paver entry – it feels a little different doesn’t it?


Because pavers are laid like tile, that means that they won’t crack. In a similar fashion, if one becomes stained – it is easy to pop out and replace it. Pavers also are very low maintenance – and only require resealing every few years. Because of the durability of pavers, they can be installed and still look brand new many, many years after they are installed.


Why Pavers?

If you have stumbled upon this blog, then you can probably guess by our name alone that we LOVE pavers. Pavers have become a very popular choice of homeowners for a very specific reason – in this blog, we’ll elaborate on what some of those reasons are!


Before pavers, the only real way to bring color into your hardscape design was to paint it or use stained concrete. While stained concrete can be beautiful, concrete cracks, the color isn’t exact, it’s hard to match a color and overall, it just doesn’t last. Pavers, on the other hand, come in a wide range of colors – and the colors can be beautiful to blend together. It doesn’t matter if your color scheme is in the grays, blues, browns, reds or neutral – there are tons of paver colors to choose from.


This is often a feature that is overlooked by many. Pavers offer a beautiful alternative to concrete because of their texture alone. Pavers used on flat walking surfaces have a bit of grit to them – this prevents slipping when the surface is wet. But the real beauty of texture comes in the form of paver walls. Paver walls have gorgeous rough edges that showcase the colors of the paver and add a unique dimension that concrete could never compete with.

Here are a few examples of some of our favorite images that demonstrate the beauty of the color and texture that pavers offer!





Mixing Colors

When you think about design, what is it that makes a color combination stand out from all others? There are many ways to answer this question, but for us, we think that the mixing of colors is what really takes a beautiful design and turns it into an incredible one. So you might be thinking, how does this apply to pavers? There are many ways that we can take this concept and apply it to hardscape. Our absolute favorite way is to create a paver ribbon.

ScreenHunter_2675 Oct. 09 14.40

This paver driveway is gorgeous – but the single, slightly darker shade of paver running alongside the driveway really brings the overall design to life.


This is a similar concept – just slightly different. As opposed to mixing colors, this designer choose to frame the edge of the driveway with a different shape of paver.


In this design, the designer selected a lighter paver to frame the edge of the pool. We love how the use of color can really draw your eye in. If you are considering adding pavers to your home, we’d love to chat with you and discuss your project.

Legacy Pavers

As a family owned business, we always felt that one of the things that would always set us apart from our competition is the quality of our work, integrity, and service. Unlike large contracting companies where customers are just a number, we truly value the relationship that is cultivated with our clients. One of the things that bring us great joy is hearing back from past clients. One of our clients recently posted the transformation that their backyard went under on Instagram. This was such a fun project to design and work on. The clients were a delight and the visual difference when the project was complete was astounding. Here you can see for yourself!


If you are considering a backyard renovation or remodel, we would love to speak with you about your project. We offer complimentary estimates and can help you select the right materials to bring your space to life. If you are looking for design ideas or inspiration, please visit our website or Facebook page. There you will see everything from patios, driveways, walkways, bbq’s, retaining walls and much more. As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

Synthetic Turf

When you hear the word “Synthetic Turf” what kind of image comes to mind? Do you envision some sort of plastic green carpet with pile? To some degree, you would be right – that’s what synthetic grass was 15 plus years ago. Now, synthetic grass is something completely different.

Synthetic turf or grass is one of the hottest trends in landscape design. More and more people are realizing the value of having gorgeous green grass (year round) with virtually zero maintenance. If you have kids, pets or simply are tired of mowing and caring for your lawn, synthetic grass might be a great solution. Synthetic grass is durable and shockingly looks exactly like real grass. Unlike real grass, when it comes to synthetic grass, you do get to pick the shade and height of the pile.

Synthetic grass is durable and soft to the touch. Imagine never needing to mow or fertilize again. In fact, the only real maintenance required is sanding and fluffing it ever few years (if needed). When synthetic grass is first installed, a special type of sand is scattered over the grass. This sand allows for each individual blade of “grass” to stand up and look like real grass. Over time, with heavy traffic, it might be necessary to “re-sand” and “fluff” your grass, but that’s about it!

ScreenHunter_2586 Jul. 11 12.49


Are Pavers Right for Me?

Okay, so you’ve decided that your backyard or front yard needs some updating… That’s a big start – but there are lots of materials and options to choose from. For people who are looking to add some hardscape, the main choice comes down to natural stone or pavers. We are a big fan of pavers over natural stone for many reasons – but we’ll save that for another blog post.

One of the main reasons why people fall in love with pavers is because of the wide range of gorgeous tones, colors, shapes and sizes they come in. If you have home that is modern with an emphasis on lines – there is a paver for that. If you love the “look” of natural flagstone, but want the benefit of pavers – there is a paver for that.  If you love a more simple and traditional look – you guessed it, there is a paver for that too!

Aside from the many design options that pavers present, they are very functional, durable and easy to maintain. Unlike concrete, if a section of your driveway becomes stained you can simply pop out the stained paver and replace it. If you look at old concrete driveways, it isn’t one big oil spill that makes it look rundown, it’s a combination of lots of little spills – and unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it. Because pavers are held in place with sand, they can be easily replaced if they become stained, cracked or broken.

If you are considering the addition of pavers to your space, we’d love to chat with you. For now, enjoy these gorgeous pictures of pavers that show how an outdoor space can truly be transformed!