Paver Fire Pits

When you think of your ideal backyard design, what does it look like? Any well thought out space will have a focal point. Many times for people that focal point will be a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen – or, a fire pit. We love the idea of creating an outdoor fire pit for several reasons. An outdoor fire pit can be adjusted to accommodate pretty much any size. If you have a large outdoor space, then more circular seating can be added. If it is a smaller area that is available, then a more cozy and intimate space can be designed.

Fire pits and their overall design are flexible based on the amount of space in a backyard. When determining where to place a fire pit, it is important to keep in mind the overall flow of a space. For example, while it might be convenient to have the fire pit close to your back door, will the heavy paver block required to build the fire pit give the space near your home a “tight” or claustrophobic feel? Walking out your backdoor into solid seating walls or structures isn’t going to be the overall look or feel you want long term. Instead, we suggest placing your fire pit in an area of your backyard that in a sense creates a “destination” while also allowing those seated around the fire pit to partake of the activities happening in other areas of the outdoor space. Keeping in mind the flow of traffic, how the rest of the space might be used, how many people will or could be using the fire pit at a given time are all important things to consider when planning out your backyard.

Here are a few beautiful examples to inspire you! Which is right for your outdoor space?




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