Building an Outdoor Space you Love

In our last blog we spoke about “staycations” and building an outdoor space you can enjoy. In this blog we are going to discuss some of the planning that goes into building and designing an outdoor space.

While many people love the idea of overhauling their backyard all at once, for many people that just isn’t financially feasible. The important part if you are going to renovate your backyard in phases is to have a cohesive plan for how you are going to do this. For example, if hardscape is part of the renovation, it might be wise to do all of the hardscape at the same time. If you are unable to do all of the hardscape at the same time, then consider doing the same type of hardscape at the same time. For example, all of the paver patio or all of the paver walls. The reason for this is that pavers like carpet have dye lots. While the color is mostly the same, there is a slight variance. If you are spacing out a project over the course of a few years or even months, then the color difference could make a difference. In the end, if the color doesn’t match, then there is nothing you the homeowner or your contractor can do about it.

Additionally, on the same note, having a plan for the whole backyard and a finished concept will be crucial. This plan will allow you to discuss with a contractor the best ways to break up the project in sections to allow for a more cohesive finished project in the end. Check back for our next blog as we continue this series on designing your dream outdoor space!

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