What are you cooking on?

Do you enjoy cooking? Chances are no matter the answer, we are guessing you would enjoy it a whole lot more if you had a beautiful outdoor kitchen to grill on!

The concept of outdoor living is here to stay – and with that comes outdoor kitchens. Can you imagine having a beautiful outdoor kitchen that works as an anchor point for your backyard? By using pavers, literally the sky is the limit in terms of shape, color and overall design.

Pavers as a material offer a broad spectrum of colors and textures to choose from. If you are looking for a more sleek and clean finish – there is a paver for that. If you love a more rough finish – there is a paver for that. Pavers are also durable and strong enough to hold either a concrete counter or granite countertop – which by itself also provide a multitude of design options.

Here are a couple outdoor kitchens that we thought were striking and worth sharing!



If you are thinking about adding an outdoor cooking space to your backyard design, we’d love to meet with you to discuss potential plans and ideas.

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