New Year – what are your plans?

The New Year is always an exciting time to create goals, make plans and to try to better oneself. If you are a homeowner, then you probably have a few ideas of updates you want to make to your home. If enhancing your backyard or boosting your curb appeal is on that list – then updated hardscape might be something to look into in 2019.

What is hardscape?

Hardscape is any type of solid surface that makes up your outdoor space. This can be anything from walkways, to steps, driveways, pillars or mailboxes. Many times people neglect to look past the beat up and dated hardscape that makes up their home. Think lava rock on the face of a home built in the 60’s and you’ll get the idea. Not that we have anything against lava rock, but if you are wanting a more sleek and updated exterior look for your home, then that rock needs to come off and pavers could be put in their place.

Pavers in the last decade or so have become incredibly popular. As a result, people are looking for paver hardscape when they purchase a home. Unlike concrete, pavers will last for decades (think the streets of Europe). If you have any plans to sell your home, pavers are a great option and you might as well enjoy their beauty before you sell.

Here are some great examples of how pavers can update your home and make a drastic impact!

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