Trim with color!

In our last blog we talked about the wide array of colors, styles and textures that are available when selecting the perfect paver for your home. In this blog, we will be discussing how paver ribbon can bring your pavers to life, add visual interest and also help define spaces.


While pavers come with a beautiful selection of colors, like a frame, paver ribbon creates a contrast and distinction. Typically, paver ribbons are darker in color and provide a color contrast with the other tones that are used.

Defining spaces…

If you have a large backyard that will have areas for specific entertaining purposes, then paver ribbons are a great way to help define areas a bit. Take a look at this semi circle seating area for example (see image below). Obviously this space is well defined, but the paver ribbon creates an outline from the rest of the backyard and very subtly leads the person into the area.

Here are some great example of how pavers ribbons have been used to provide contrast or define a space!





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