Creative expression with pavers!

If you are sold on pavers and now are just looking for ways to incorporate them into your outdoor space, then this blog is for you. One of the things that we love most about pavers is the tremendous flexibility they offer. For example, no matter the architectural style of you home, or intended purpose, there is a paver for you! If your home is more European in style, then cobblestone pavers are perfect! If you are looking for clean and modern lines – there is an endless selection of styles. In addition to the style choices, there is an endless selection of colors and textures. If your home has more cool tones, then you can choose from stunning grays with hues of blues. If your home is more warm, then there is an equal amount of selection of browns, taupe, creams and reds to choose from. In our experience, we have never worked with a client who couldn’t find a type of paver they absolutely loved!

Once you have the color and style selected then you can start looking at options for how the pavers are laid. The type of paver you select will have an impact on your options but an experienced contractor will be able to guide you. For example, if you select a rectangular shaped paver then you can choose from a brick lay pattern, herringbone or a more square pattern.

Here are a few examples of the different types of pavers, colors and option that are available.



ScreenHunter_2833 Jul. 18 19.18


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