Pavers for your pool area?

Let’s face it – pools are pretty much a way of life in Florida. They add value to your home but also create a wonderful space where your family can make memories and spend time together. For decades, concrete was the common choice of pool decking material. There are just a few things wrong with concrete.

It’s very slippery…

How many times have you told your kids to stop running on the wet pool deck? With a concrete pool patio, it is inevitable that at some point someone will slip and fall. In contrast, pavers have textured surface. So while it’s still probably not a good idea to run around on when wet, the texture allows for much more grip than a concrete patio ever would!

Pool maintenance…

If you have had a pool for any length of time, then you have probably at some point had a problem with your pool pump. With concrete, the only way to fix your pump is to jack hammer up the concrete, fix the pump and pour new concrete in it’s place. And of course, the concrete will never match and there will be seams. With pavers, it is very simple! All you have to do is pull up the pavers in the area you need to access, fix the pump and put the pavers back in place. It’s a much easier fix and when you are finished, there will be no unsightly seams.

And… I mean, how could anyone resist gorgeous pool patios like these!



ScreenHunter_2710 Dec. 21 21.27


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